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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients.

BlueWave Management offers a fresh and friendly approach to association management on the East Coast. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with everything they need for a stress-free experience. We also offer a unique approach to customer service, and our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Financial Services 

Records are maintained on an individual homeowner basis (e.g., ledger cards, violations and contacts) and for the multitude of vendors as well (e.g., billing and insurance). All monthly reports conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) which requires the use of the accrual basis of accounting. The reports provide the groundwork for financial decisions and indicate the financial condition of the association.

Accounting Services 

  • Accounts receivable 

  • Accounts payable 

  • Billing 

  • Maintain association bank accounts 

  • Prepare financial reports and keep records 

  • Notifying homeowners of outstanding balances 

  • Handling on-site payroll, insurance and taxes

Licensed Community
Association Manager Services

To directly support the Board, the Community Manager: 

  • Attends meetings 

  • Prepares meeting agendas and manager’s reports 

  • Develops preliminary annual budget 

  • Organizes the annual meeting 

  • Oversees insurance review/renewal 

  • Reviews and codes all bills 

  • Implements operational policies adopted by the Board 

Communication Services

Our Skilled Community Manager will assist with: 

  • Complaint resolution

  • Enforcing the governing documents 

  • Coordination with developer, association attorney, engineers and vendors 

Support Services 

  • Processing and mailing of membership information and meeting notices 

  • Retention of designated voter certificates and mailing affidavits 

  • Maintenance and retention of official records

  • Coordinates with CPA for state and federal tax filings 

  • General correspondence 

  • Provides 24 hour answering service 

Collection Services 
  • Tracking delinquent accounts

  • Reminder notices

  • Aggressive effort to obtain any past due balances 

  • Working closely with the association’s attorney to file intent to liens, liens and foreclosure Proceedings

  • Monthly collection report  


CAM's Role: 

  • Property Visits 

  • Contractor Oversight 

  • Negotiation with Vendors   

  • Facilities Maintenance Management

Safeguards from Adverse Vendor Actions Include: 

  • Require Form W-9  

  • Obtain Insurance Certificate 

  • File Notices of Commencement

  • Insurance Administration

  • Issue Form1099

homeowner services


  • BlueWave PORTAL Correspondence & Mailings

  • After-Hours Emergency Answering Service

  • Non-compliance Letters

  • Lease Coordination

property management Meeting


  • Annual Membership Meeting Attendance

  • Prepare Meeting Minutes

  • Organize & Attend Regular BOD Meetings

  • Maintain Official Records

property management volusia county


  • Monitor Utilities Usage 

  • Vendor Contractor Coordination

  • Arrange Tax Filings with CPA

  • Sale Coordination Assistance to Board

  • Track Association & Vendor Insurance

  • Consult Association's Attorney As-Needed

assessment budget


  • Administer Assessment Process

  • Accounts Receivable & Payable

  • Banking Services

  • Operating and Reserve Budget Preparation

Financial Report


  • Manager’s Report

  • Financial Reports Package

  • Assessment Report

  • Closings Report

property management


  • Check Common Area Maintenance

  • Homeowner Violations Review

  • Architectural Review Tracking

  • Common Elements Management

Our Partners

At BlueWave Management, we understand the unique challenges presented to associations in today's rapidly evolving landscape. As a proud member of a larger family of companies, we are able to offer customized solutions that meet the needs of our clients, while also drawing upon the expertise of our sister companies. 

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